How to Stop Glare on an iPad

By Cameron Sherber

Eliminate iPad screen glare once and for all.
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With Apple's iPad, mobile computing is a breeze. From virtually any location, users can surf the Web, check email and update assorted social networking accounts. However, if you have a penchant for using your iPad in sunlight or brightly lit areas, you've no doubt noticed that the tablet's screen is susceptible to glare. Fortunately, there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that your iPad experience is completely glare-free.

Step 1

Abstain from using your iPad directly beneath a bright source of light. For example, if you often view the tablet under a lamp, simply turn the lamp off or reduce its level of brightness. To this end, using light bulbs of a lower wattage around your home or office can also prove useful. Additionally, when using your iPad outdoors, make a point of seeking out shaded areas.

Step 2

Place an anti-glare cover over your iPad's screen. These covers can be purchased directly from Apple or such third-party companies as Speck and ScreenGuardz. Equipping your iPad with a screen cover ensures that your mobile computing experience is glare-free, no matter where you go. As an added bonus, these covers help shield the device's screen from the fingerprints synonymous with touchscreen browsing.

Step 3

Equip your iPad's screen with an anti-glare film. These films basically function as large protective stickers that can be effortlessly secured to the device's screen and peeled off. Although anti-glare films tend to be a little less expensive than screen covers, you can only attach them to your screen and remove them so many times before their stickiness wears off.

Step 4

Wear glasses equipped to combat glare. Many popular eyeglass retailers sell lenses designed to eliminate glare. This doesn't just encompass standard lenses, either. Anti-glare sunglasses can be an invaluable tool when it comes to outdoor iPad usage.