How to Stop Glare on an iPad

By Cameron Sherber

With Apple's iPad, mobile computing is a breeze. From virtually any location, users can surf the Web, check email and update assorted social networking accounts. However, if you have a penchant for using your iPad in sunlight or brightly lit areas, you've no doubt noticed that the tablet's screen is susceptible to glare. Fortunately, there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that your iPad experience is completely glare-free.

Step 1

Abstain from using your iPad directly beneath a bright source of light. For example, if you often view the tablet under a lamp, simply turn the lamp off or reduce its level of brightness. To this end, using light bulbs of a lower wattage around your home or office can also prove useful. Additionally, when using your iPad outdoors, make a point of seeking out shaded areas.

Step 2

Place an anti-glare cover over your iPad's screen. These covers can be purchased directly from Apple or such third-party companies as Speck and ScreenGuardz. Equipping your iPad with a screen cover ensures that your mobile computing experience is glare-free, no matter where you go. As an added bonus, these covers help shield the device's screen from the fingerprints synonymous with touchscreen browsing.

Step 3

Equip your iPad's screen with an anti-glare film. These films basically function as large protective stickers that can be effortlessly secured to the device's screen and peeled off. Although anti-glare films tend to be a little less expensive than screen covers, you can only attach them to your screen and remove them so many times before their stickiness wears off.

Wear glasses equipped to combat glare. Many popular eyeglass retailers sell lenses designed to eliminate glare. This doesn't just encompass standard lenses, either. Anti-glare sunglasses can be an invaluable tool when it comes to outdoor iPad usage.