How to Stop Getting Chain Text Messages

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Chain text messages are similar to spam emails that have been going around for years. But while most spam emails and chain text messages promise you love or good luck for forwarding it, some chain text messages tell you that if you don't do what it tells you to do, you'll die. Putting a stop to chain text messaging starts with never sending one yourself.

Realize how ridiculous the promise of love or luck and claims of "you'll die unless you send this on" truly are. Don't be one of those people who decide they'd better not take the chance, and sends the chain text message to the required number of people. You're only perpetuating the annoyance. Just delete it and forget about it.

Tell your friends to stop sending you chain text messages, that it's annoying to you. If they continue to send them to you, return the favor by sending it back to them. Eventually they'll stop harassing you and try sending it to someone else instead to "protect" themselves from the dire curse that will supposedly be rained upon them if they don't.

Use caution in deciding who you allow to have your cell phone number. Giving it out to a lot of people just opens you up to the possibility of receiving a lot of chain text messages.

Know that you can block someone from sending you text messages through your cell phone provider. If the situation becomes unbearable, this action might finally get across to the chain text message sender that you want the chain text messages to stop.