How to Stop Flash Player Pop Ups

By Ashley Bustamante

Flash Player is a plug-in created by Adobe that is used to run videos, games and animations in the Adobe Flash format. When a new version of the player is released, a window automatically pops up in the user's browser, requesting an update. For some, these update windows can be annoying, especially when new versions are frequently released. Fortunately, you can stop these pop-ups either by updating the Flash Player or by turning off updates.

Updating Flash Player

Step 1

Click on the "Install Now" button when the update window pops up. Typically, this window will have the Adobe logo and say "An update to your Adobe Flash Player is available."

Step 2

Follow the steps in the update wizard, which will start automatically after you click "Install Now."

Restart your browser for the update to take effect.

Turning Off Updates

Step 1

Enter the Global Notifications Settings panel on the Adobe Support site (see Resources).

Step 2

Un-check the box that says "Notify me when an update to Adobe Flash Player is available." This will turn off updates so you will no longer receive the Flash Player pop-ups.

Close the Web browser to save your settings.