How Do I Stop Facebook From Remembering My Email & Password?

By Avery Martin

Disable your Facebook automatic login and protect your privacy.
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The challenge of protecting your privacy in a multi-person household, public location or work can prove difficult if Facebook logs you in automatically when you visit the social media site. Once you check the option for Facebook to remember you, your friends, family and anyone else with access to your computer can access your account and see your private messages, personal information and any private status updates. Get around this potential issue by clearing your current information from your browser and preventing Facebook from remembering your password.

Delete Browsing Data

Step 1

Click the Internet Explorer "Tools" menu, and select "Internet Options." Click the "Content" tab and select the "AutoComplete" button. Uncheck the "User Names and Passwords on Forms" option. Click the "Clear History" button to remove currently saved passwords.

Step 2

Choose the Chrome menu bar, and select "Settings." Click the "Show Advanced Settings" link and then select "Manage Saved Passwords." Delete the "" entry from the list.

Step 3

Select the "Safari" menu, and choose "Reset Safari..." from the drop-down menu. Uncheck any options you don't want to remove, and check the "Remove Saved Names and Passwords" option. Click "Reset."

Step 4

Access the Firefox "Tools" menu, and choose "Clear Recent History." Click the "Details" drop-down menu. Uncheck any option you don't want to clear. Select "Active Logins" and then click the "Clear Now" button.

Prevent Password and Email Storage

Step 1

Access the Facebook website and log in to your account (link in Resources).

Step 2

Click the "Never," "Never Remember Passwords For This Site" (or another option with similar wording to never remember your password) when prompted. This option varies depends on the Web browser you use. However, most browsers give you an option to prevent registering your login and password in the browser's preferences.

Step 3

Click the gear menu icon, and then select "Log Out" from the drop-down menu.