How to Stop an HP Extended Service Plan Notice

by Nick Davis

You are working on your Hewlett-Packard computer trying to find a specific website on the Internet. The HP Extended Service Plan pop-up notice keeps appearing on your computer's screen. You close the notice, but it keeps popping up. The HP Extended Service Plan is an additional repair warranty you can purchase for your HP computer. The pop-up notice is part of the HP Total Care Advisor package installed on your computer. You can disable the pop-up notice by changing a setting within your computer's configuration.


Close any open programs you may have running.


Click “Start” and “Run.”


Enter “msconfig” in the box next to “Open:.”


Click “OK.” The System Configuration utility will appear.


Click on the “Startup” tab.


Locate “HP Total Care Advisor” from the list of programs running on your HP computer.


Click on the check mark in the box by the program “HP Total Care Advisor” to uncheck the program.


Click “Apply” and “OK” to close the the System Configuration utility.


Click “Restart” to restart your HP computer. Your computer will restart, and the HP Extended Service Plan pop-up notice will be gone from your system's configuration.


  • check If you want to turn the HP Extended Service Plan pop-up notice back on, click on the check box by the program in the System Configuration utility and restart your system.

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