How to Stop Internet Explorer Window from Staying on Top

by Kayla Lowe
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When you’ve got several windows open on your computer, it can become difficult to keep the one upon which you want to focus on top. Programs such as Internet Explorer tend to stay on top, requiring you to minimize the window every time you want to view another one. A variety of free or inexpensive software programs are available that allow you to stop certain windows from staying on top.

ActualTools Actual Title Buttons

Step 1

Download ActualTools Actual Title Buttons (a free trial is available from the ActualTools website--see Resources) and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Click the \"Pin\" button (the button that looks like a push pin) to pin a window on top of all others.

Ensure that the pin button is not pressed on the Internet Explorer window to stop the Internet Explorer window from staying on top.

Focus Genie

Step 1

Download the Focus Genie program from Shareware Connection (see Resources), and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Press \"Ctrl,\" \"Shift\" and \"F\" simultaneously to enable the Focus Genie program. (When you want to disable the program, simply employ the same sequence.)

Press \"Ctrl,\" \"Shift\" and \"T\" to make a window stay on top. (Press the same keys again to stop a program from staying on top.) With the focus on the Internet Explorer window, stop this window from staying on top by pressing this sequence of keys twice.

xNeat Window Manager

Step 1

Download the xNeat Window Manager program from the xNeat website (see Resources) and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Right-click the title bar of a window to bring up a drop-down menu of window options.

Select \"Make on Top\" to make a window stay on top, and select \"Hide Window\" to hide a window. (Bring back a hidden window by pressing the \"Windows\" key and the spacebar.) Stop the Internet Explorer window from staying on top by either making another window stay on top or hiding the Internet Explorer window.


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