How to Stop Bot Attacks

By Robin Reichert

Take certain computer security measures to protect against bot attacks.
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A "bot" is a small computer program that can hijack your website or infect your computer. Bots are used to spam website comments and contact forms with advertising, or to take control of your computer to mine for data. Bots also take control of computer networks and use them to spread the bot to all computers connected to the network. It is difficult to protect your computer against every possible bot attack, but you can take some common-sense measures to stop most bot attacks.

Step 1

Install a "CAPTCHA" script to prevent bots from spamming website pages and contact forms. Navigate to a free CAPTCHA script site, such as, Secure Image at or ReCAPTCHA by Google ( Click on the "Download" or "Install" link to create the keys that are necessary to install a CAPTCHA script on your website.

Step 2

Protect your computer at home or on a network from bot attacks by installing and activating security software. Install anti-virus, anti-adware and a firewall on your computer and network. Choose the highest level of security available for your firewall, and update your computer security software regularly.

Step 3

Activate the anti-spam protection offered by your email host. Choose the highest level of security filter to protect your email from spam that may contain links to bot scripts. Add email addresses of suspected spam to your blocked senders list if a spam email gets through the filter.

Step 4

Prevent external access to your computer via ports, such as Internet relay chats (IRC) and file transfer protocols (FTP) by turning off these ports when not in use. Click on "Control Panel" and then select "Services." Click on the service you want to disable, click "Startup" and then select "Disable" to disable the service.

Step 5

Download and install Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool if your computer operating system is Windows based. Navigate to and click the download link. Run the software on a regular schedule to find and eliminate bots that may infect your computer.