How to Stop the Active Shield Pop-Ups From McAfee

by Steve McDonnell
Image courtesy Google

You can disable Active Shield pop-ups by turning off all alerts in the McAfee SecurityCenter. You can't disable pop-ups related to your subscription through SecurityCenter. However, McAfee uses the Windows Notification service for all its pop-ups and you can hide all notifications from McAfee by changing a Windows notification setting.

McAfee SecurityCenter

Step 1

Open McAfee SecurityCenter. Select "Home" under Common Tasks.

Step 2

Choose "Configure" under SecurityCenter Information and then click "Advanced" under Alerts.

Select "Informational Alerts." Click "Do Not Show Informational Alerts" and then choose "OK" to save your changes.

Windows Notifications

Step 1

Click the Notifications triangle in your taskbar and select "Customize..."

Step 2

Locate the entry for McAfee in the Icons column. Click in the Behaviors box and select "Hide Icon and Notifications."

Select "OK" to save your changes.


  • When you view a McAfee pop-up, you can select "Do Not Show This Alert Again" to selectively disable alerts.


  • The instructions in this article apply to McAfee 2013 and earlier products and to Windows Version XP through Windows 8. Other versions of McAfee or Windows might have slightly different instructions to hide pop-ups or program notifications.

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