How to Stop 0X000000EA Infinite Loop

by Jason Artman

In a computer, drivers are software programs that tell the operating system how to control the hardware attached to, or installed in, the computer. If there is a problem with a video card driver in Windows, the operating system may crash and display a blue screen with the error message "STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER." Update your video card driver and check for possible hardware problems to stop this error message from appearing.

Updating Video Card Drivers

Visit your video card manufacturer's website to download updated video card drivers if your computer is crashing when you perform activities that stress the video card, such as playing computer games. If your computer crashes regardless of the type of activity being performed, try the steps in sections 2 and 3 before you try this one.

Double-click the downloaded file to install updated video card drivers. Follow the steps shown onscreen to complete installation.

Restart your computer, and the new video card drivers will be active.

Testing for RAM Problems

Download Memtest86 (see link in "Resources," below) to test your computer for a RAM problem. Memtest86 can be burned to a CD using the disc-burning software of your choice, or installed on a floppy disk by double-clicking on the installation program with a blank disk inserted in the floppy drive.

Reboot your computer with the Memtest86 CD or floppy disk inserted to launch the utility. Memtest86 will test the memory installed in your computer for errors.

Replace the memory installed in your computer if Memtest86 reports many errors. Note that many RAM manufacturers guarantee their products for life, as RAM problems are rare. You may be able to obtain a replacement for free by calling the manufacturer.

Testing for Video Card Problems

Click on "Start" and choose "Control Panel." Double-click "Display" and select the "Settings" tab. Click "Advanced" and choose "Troubleshoot."

Look for the slider for "Hardware Acceleration," and move it all the way to the left.

Uncheck the box labeled "Enable write combining." This will reduce the performance of your video card. If your computer stops crashing when hardware acceleration and write combining are disabled, and updating the video card driver does not resolve the issue, contact the video card manufacturer. It is likely that the video card needs to be replaced.


  • check The steps outlined in this article assume that your computer is crashing without any recent changes having been performed to the computer. If your computer is crashing following a recent change, it is best to troubleshoot with that change in mind, assuming that the change has caused the problem. For example, if you recently added RAM to your computer, troubleshoot the RAM as described in Section 2 of this article before looking for a problem with the video card.

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