How to Get Stock Market Data Into Excel

By Keith Perry

Microsoft Excel is multifaceted, versatile software that can be used for many functions. The built-in features of Excel make it a very good tool to manipulate and analyze data. Stock market data is probably some of the most manipulated and analyzed data on the planet. For the small investor, using Excel to sort, inspect, graph and analyze stock information is a natural fit.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer or Firefox and navigate to the Yahoo! Finance website. The finance site can be found by first going to the Yahoo! main page and selecting the finance category.

Step 2

Enter the stock quote information desired in the text entry box next to the "Get Quotes" button. Enter "F" to receive information on Ford Motor Company. Multiple stocks can be received by using a blank space to separate them. Entering "F GE WMT" would return Ford , General Electric and Wal-Mart. Press the "Get Quotes" button to recieve the stock information.

Step 3

After the page with your selected quotes has loaded, click on the link "Download to Spreadsheet."

Step 4

Click on "Open" when the prompt box is displayed on your screen. This will open Excel with the stock data in the spreadsheet.

Step 5

Select "File" then "Save As" to save the data to an Excel spreadsheet on your computer. Use the "Save As" function, as the data opened in the spreadsheet will be in read-only mode. The .csv file type that the information comes in is short for comma separated values, which uses a comma to delineate the individual values in the file.