Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Burn a DVD

by D. Wright

Many people assume that burning a DVD is a complicated task. However, the process of burning DVDs is now extremely easy thanks to software that walks you through the process. With basic knowledge as to what you need to burn DVDs, you will be able to do so yourself with minimal effort.


Download the DVD-burning software of your choice and install on your computer. Many different DVD-burning programs are available for free online (see Resources).


Insert a blank DVD-R and open the DVD-burning software you installed. Although the layout of DVD-burning software differs from program to program, the basics of using a program are universal. Press the appropriate button to bring up the file explorer to find your video file (this button will say something along the lines of "load video" or will be a Windows Explorer icon). Once the video file is found, click "Open" to load your video file into the program.


Change the write speed to "1X" and the encoding speed to something along the lines of "high quality/slow encoding." Press the appropriate button to begin burning your DVD (this will usually say something along the lines of "Write" or "Burn").

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