How to Get a Startup Disc for a Dell Laptop

by Ruri Ranbe

Windows 8 includes several options you can employ to recover the operating system, including System Restore, Refresh and Reset. If System Restore and Refresh have failed, however, and you don't want to reset Windows 8 and lose the original equipment manufacturing software that came with your laptop, you can instead obtain a recovery disc that includes a factory image of your Dell PC. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade or replace your hard drive and you still have full access to Windows 8, you can create a recovery disc using Dell Backup and Recovery.

Create a Recovery Disc


Point to the right side of the screen or press "Windows-C" to open the Charms bar, and then click "Search."


Select "Apps" from the options, type "Dell" into the search bar and then select "Dell Backup and Recovery" from the results.


Select the "Recovery Media" tile and then insert a DVD or USB flash drive. Click "Factory Backup," select "USB Flash Drives" or "Discs" depending on your choice of media and then click "Continue."


Click "Start" and then click "Yes" to create the recovery media. Click "OK" when the process completes.

Order a Recovery Disc


Close the lid to the laptop and turn over the computer. Locate the service tag on the bottom of the case.


Write down the code. Navigate to Dell Support (link in Resources) and fill out the form with your personal information and service tag.


Click "Submit" to send a request for recovery discs to Dell Support.


  • check Make sure to provide a valid phone number and email address, as Dell might need to contact you for more information.

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