How to Get Started With Craigslist

by Michael Batton Kaput

Craigslist is a website that allows users to post classified ads for everything from meetups to products. It also allows those looking for a service, product, event or pretty much anything else to quickly and easily find a listing that suits their needs. Creating a Craigslist advertisement is straightforward, as is searching the website for products and services. To get started on Craigslist, you can either post a classified ad or search the posted listings.

Finding Products and Services

Step 1

Navigate to the Craigslist homepage (craigslist.com).

Step 2

Click the city in which you live or the area in which you would like to find a product, service, event or other listing. The Craigslist page for that particular city will open.

Step 3

Click a listing category to browse the listings in that category in your city.

Step 4

Type a search term in the box labeled "Search Craigslist" on the homepage instead if you want to search for a specific item.

Step 5

Click the box beneath the search text box to select the category you would like to search.

Click the arrow next to the category box when finished to search all Craigslist listings in that category.

Posting an Ad on Craigslist

Step 1

Navigate to the Craigslist homepage (craigslist.com) of the city in which you want to advertise.

Step 2

Click "Post to Classifieds." Click a category under the "What type of posting is this?" heading. Choices include job offers, products for sale and personal ads. Click "Continue" or "I will abide by these guidelines," depending on which type of classified ad you selected.

Step 3

Click a sub-category if prompted. Many times, job offers or product sales require that you choose a sub-category within the main category. Click "Continue" when finished selecting a sub-category for your listing. Type a title for your posting in the "Posting Title" box. Type the location in which you are selling the product or offering the service in the "Specific Location" box.

Step 4

Type your email address in the "Reply To" box. Click "Show," "Hide" or "Anonymize" beneath your email address, depending on which option you are comfortable with. "Anonymize" will post a dummy Craigslist email address on your ad. Any response to the ad will go to that email address, then be forwarded to your actual email address. Type the body of your listing in the "Posting Description" box. Click "Add/Edit Images" if the option is available and you want to upload pictures to your listing. Click "Continue" when finished. Click "Continue" again when prompted.

Log into the email address you provided in the listing. Click the link in the Craigslist email you received after creating an ad to confirm your ad posting and publish it.

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