How to Start Windows As Administrator

By Ty Arthur

Logging into Windows as an administrator only takes a moment.
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The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system includes several different security features that prevent unauthorized users from making any changes. One of the security options is to break up user accounts into "standard" and "administrator" types. Anyone logged into a standard account is unable to make system changes or run certain types of programs. Starting the Windows operating system as an administrator is exceedingly simple and only requires a single password.

Open the Windows Start menu and select "Control Panel." Click "Control Panel Home" and then choose "User Accounts." In Windows Vista the option will instead be labeled "User Accounts And Family Safety."

Click the "User Account" icon and then choose "Manage User Accounts." Click the name of your account in the list of accounts at the right side of the window. Click "Change Your Account Type."

Click the "Administrator" radio button and then choose "Change Account Type." Select the "Create a Password For Your Account" link.

Type the administrator password you want to use in the "New Password" text box. Type the password again in the "Confirm New Password" box and then click "Create Password."

Restart the Windows operating system. Click the name of your administrator account when the login screen appears. Type your password in the box and press "Enter" to start Windows as an administrator.