How to Start a Video Game Website

by David Somerset

Video games are a major form of entertainment today. From online PC games to console games played in living rooms around the world, there are many types of games available today. As video games increase in popularity, many people are becoming interested in starting a video game website. With a bit of knowledge about building web pages and putting them online, you can start your own video game website in no time.


Select a web hosting service where you will build your website. Consider disk space and bandwidth available along with price when comparing web hosting services. Selecting a quality host is important to building a high-quality website.


Decide how you are going to design your website. The most basic option is to use a text editing program to write all of the code by hand; however, software is available which can make this easier for users unfamiliar with coding websites by hand. Commercial options like Adobe Dreamweaver can cost hundreds of dollars, while other programs like Mozilla Composer are available online for free.


Research video games and decide what kind of information you want to include on your website. Some options include previews of upcoming games, reviews of games that have been released or hints about how to play specific games. According to the Letters and Science Computing Resources at the University of Berkeley, "content ultimately is the standard by which your website's usefulness will be judged." Make sure the research you do will help you to create useful content.


Create the pages of your video game website using the text editor or other design tool you selected in Step 1. Write informative content based on the research from Step 3. Don't include too much information on a single page of the website, or you can overwhelm your visitors with too much text.


Upload the pages of your website to your web host. Most web hosts will have FTP services available, which will allow you to upload all of the pages of your website at once. Each web hosting service will have different procedures, so refer to your host's online help files if you need help with their specific requirements for uploading files.


  • check Be sure to consider all of the options available when choosing a web hosting service. The cheapest service may not always be the best choice.

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