How to Start the HP Recovery Process

by Lawrence Stephens

HP computers come with a recovery partition pre-configured. If the computer's operating system becomes unstable or fails completely, you can use this partition to recover your computer's operating system and restore it to its original factory settings. You can start the recovery process with the Desktop Recovery Manager, but only if the system is operating well enough to allow you to access the operating system. If the problem is severe, you may need to manually recover the files from the partition.


Press the "F11" key repeatedly during the computer's start up sequence. If the partition has not also been damaged or deleted, the HP Recovery Manager will automatically start.


Click "OK" when the Recovery Manager prompts you to back up any user files. Allow this back up to complete.


Click "Next" and then select "System Recovery." The computer will reboot automatically.


Select the "System Recovery" option when the computer restarts, then click "Next."


Select "No" when the wizard asks if you want to use the Microsoft System Restore program. Click "Next."


Select "Continue without backing up your files" and click "Next." You may continue without backup because you have already backed up your files in step 2.


Click "Next" to confirm your options and begin the recovery process. The recovery process may take several hours. The HP computer will automatically restart when the process is complete.


  • close Do not interrupt the recovery process once it has been started. If you are recovering a laptop, be sure that it is connected to the AC power supply to ensure that the computer has enough power to complete the recovery process.

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