How to Start a Countdown on Facebook

by Mircea Gabriel Suciu
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You can add a countdown to your Facebook timeline so you and your friends can keep track of the time until an important moment in your life. There are various apps you can use for this purpose, depending on the type of moment you want to count down. You can use Graph Search to search for the app that is most suitable for you and then add the app to your profile through its settings.

Step 1

Log in to Facebook in your computer's browser.

Step 2

Type "Applications named countdown" (without quotes) into the Graph Search bar and select the first entry from the list of results.

Step 3

Select the countdown app you want to add to your timeline by clicking on its name. For example, if you want the countdown to display the time until Christmas, select "Christmas Countdown." Alternatively, you can select a more generic app, such as "Countdown+," or "Event Countdown."

Step 4

Click "Go to App" to open the application. Review the permissions requested and press "OK" to add the app to your timeline and display its settings.

Enter the name and date of the event you want to track in the corresponding fields. Press "OK" to start the countdown.


  • If you do not have Graph Search enabled for your account, you can access a limited number of apps through the Facebook App Center (see Resources). In the App Center, click "Search for apps," type "countdown" in the search box and press "Enter" to display a list of apps you can use for your countdown.


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