How to Start a Book Blog

by Contributor

Book bloggers make up a significant chunk of active bloggers. They are so active that a large community of like-minded individuals have begun to spread across the Internet to form a community of readers. If books are of interest to you, starting your own book blog is only a few simple steps away.

Read a variety of books so you have something to say. Without reading you will lack the motivation and knowledge to sustain a blog related to books.

Reflect on your interest. Reading is a multi-faceted and often solitary pastime. As a result, it is helpful to reflect on the aspects of reading that you enjoy so that you might share those thoughts with other book bloggers and relate to their experiences.

Research the publishing industry. Book bloggers typically love to discuss the newest offerings from favorite authors and publishing companies. At least a passing interest in publishing is helpful in sustaining a book blog.

Surf book blogs of others for inspiration. By becoming an active part of the book blogging community through reading and commenting, your book blog will grow.

Consider team blogging. If you aim to build a blog that will grow and become a significant and popular part of the book blogging community, pooling your efforts with other talented bloggers can gain the attention of publishers and peers. Publishers are often willing to send advanced copies of books to active book bloggers who review.

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