What Does "Standard Text Message Rates Apply" Mean for Facebook Texts?

By Carolyn Luck

When you entered into a contract with your wireless provider, you agreed to certain terms, including those governing the rates you’re charged for things like making phone calls, using the Internet, and sending and receiving text messages. Facebook doesn’t charge fees on its end, but members should remember to factor in carrier fees for data usage and text messaging when using the social network.

Facebook Mobile Texts

Facebook won't charge you for using Facebook Mobile Texts or any other feature the social network provides. As a disclaimer, Facebook wants you to know that “your mobile provider’s standard rates for sending and receiving text messages still apply.” This means that you may be charged by your carrier for any messages you send or receive. Rates will be calculated according to the terms of your cellular contract.

Standard Text Message Rates

While rates vary by wireless carrier, average rates are around $0.20 per text message sent and received for those not signed up for a bulk text messaging plan. Most carriers offer a flat-rate monthly fee for a predetermined number of text messages. Those who go over their monthly limit typically end up being charged on a per message basis. Verizon and Sprint offer all-inclusive monthly plans and limited prepaid plans. If limits are exceeded, they may also assess fees on a per-message basis. Most other carriers offer similar plans.

Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook Messenger App enables you to text friends from your mobile device using your existing data plan rather than deducting from available text messages. You can reach friends on their mobile phones directly from your mobile phone. The Facebook Messenger App provides the convenience of texting someone without incurring fees from your wireless carrier. Note that the application will use your existing data plan.

Facebook Mobile Applications

Facebook Mobile apps, including Facebook for iPhone and Facebook for Android, enable you to access Facebook from your mobile device at no cost. Once downloaded, these apps allow you to use Facebook Chat and your Facebook inbox to send and receive messages in real-time without the fees associated with text messaging. Note that these apps will use your existing monthly data plan.