Standard Burial Depth for Fiber Optic Cable

By Kevin Fobbs

The standard burial depth for fiber optic cables can vary depending upon the typography as well as the local conditions. For example, if the cable is being buried around road crossings, drainage ditches or under road which has not been finished, the burial depth can vary between the standard depth of 30 inches to 42 inches.

Freeze Line Burials

The burial of fiber optic cable must take into consideration the climate. If the ground is likely to freeze during extended periods of time, it is important to bury the cable at least 30 inches below ground. This will place the cable beneath the freeze line or frost line of the ground.

Freeze Line Burial Safety

To prevent the cable from being harmed once buried beneath the freeze line, it should be surrounded with sand. This will prevent, "rocks which move horizontally and vertically due to freezing pressures, pushing against the cable, causing bumps and small losses in signal strength," according to the website EC&M.

Roadway Crossing Burial

Roadway crossings will need a deeper standard burial depth for the fiber optic cable. The recommended cable burial depth in this instance is 42 inches. All cable burials no matter the depth, will be marked by a brightly colored ribbon. This warning marker will be buried a foot above the cable, suggests the website Inform IT.