How to Get Spyware and Pop-Ups Off My Computer

by Jason Taetsch

Spyware and pop-ups are some of the major factors affecting a computer's performance, privacy and security. While PC users have been the primary target of spyware and adware, Mac users have found themselves facing a number of spyware threats as well. Despite their widespread effect, removing spyware and pop-up programs from a computer is relatively easy, requiring only a few simple steps and minimal technical expertise.

Back up any desired files, folders or applications to an external hard drive, CD or DVD for safekeeping.

On the virus-free computer, download an anti-spyware program such as Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool and Windows Defender for a PC or STOPzilla, SpyHunter and Spyblocker for a Macintosh.

Insert the USB drive into the virus-free computer's USB port. Click on the folder that appears on the desktop for the USB drive. Transfer the anti-spyware software to the USB drive.

Insert the USB drive into the infected computer's hard drive. Click on the USB drive that appears on the desktop and transfer the security software to the infected computer's hard drive. Install the software. Since most spyware files and pop-ups affect a computer's ability to safely access the Internet, transferring the anti-spyware files from an unaffected computer is the best method for correcting your spyware and pop-up problem.

Run the security program by clicking on the shortcut icon that appears on the desktop. Run a scan on all the hard drives and files on the infected the computer. The software will identify which files and programs are associated with the spyware or pop-up programs. Select the infected files and click the security program's "Erase" or "Remove" feature to get the spyware and pop-ups off the computer.

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