SpyHunter Vs. Malwarebytes

By Geoff Whiting

Enigma Software Group and Malwarebytes offer your PC virus protection.
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SpyHunter and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware are two well-known anti-virus and anti-malware applications. Both offer a robust detection kit that can find and remove many viruses from your computer and keep you safe in the future. The main differences between the two come in terms of price and reputation. Depending on your wallet and your research, you can likely find one that suits your needs best.


SpyHunter 4 is Enigma Software Group’s anti-virus tool that has been around for many years. The latest version is a relatively feature-rich service that can detect and remove adware, malware and spyware. It has a simple interface and uses few computer resources, so it should not interrupt programs or noticeably slow down your PC. One benefit is that it offers a custom malware approach tailored to your PC after its initial scan. The major downside is that it often bills itself as free, but the service will only scan your PC for free. Access to the tools that remove spyware costs $40.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free and Pro are the two anti-virus packages from Malwarebytes. It has made a name for itself in the arena of free removal anti-virus tools and has even earned a reputation as a solid backup for companies that develop their own anti-virus tools. The service can detect most threats and neutralize them when scanned, but the free option offers no real-time protection against threats. The $25 Pro version adds in real-time threat protection and blocks malicious websites.


If free is the top of your list, you can’t do much better than Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free; it’s fast, offers strong protections and is updated regularly. The downside is that it offers no real-time protection, something found in both the Pro edition and from SpyHunter. In terms of reputation, Malwarebytes also has an edge. SpyHunter shines with its tailored approach for PC protection, but has upset many users with its advertising tactics.

SpyHunter Complaints

Complaints about SpyHunter have occurred off-and-on since 2002. For a while in 2004 and 2006, some consumer product review sites have even listed it as a “suspect” or “rogue” piece of software that may not be safe (see Resources). Originally it was viewed as malicious because Enigma used deceptive advertising that reported to ad-viewers that their PC was infected. The company has addressed these issues but still has many complaints online because it often advertises itself as free while its virus removal tool requires a paid subscription.