What Do You Do if Your Sprint Phone Is Stolen?

By Maya Walker

Insurance claims must be filed within 60 days of the phone being stolen.
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In the event of a stolen Sprint phone, certain steps must be undertaken to ensure a minimal loss to the customer. A customer who fails to follow Sprint's policy regarding stolen phones could end up paying much more than anticipated for damages that result from the theft. Whether a customer has equipment insurance plays a big role in determining which steps to take after a phone is stolen.

Suspend Service

A customer's whose phone is stolen is advised to suspend service as soon as possible by calling Sprint's customer service at 888-211-4727. Canceling the service can prevent someone who stole or found the phone from using it and incurring charges. Suspension of the line is immediate. Service is not restored until the account holder contacts Sprint and request the reactivation of the line. Monthly charges are still billed while the service is suspended.

Equipment Replacement Program

Customers who subscribe to the Equipment Replacement Program can purchase a replacement for a stolen phone. The program requires that a deductible is paid for a replacement phone. Smartphones, or tier 2 phones, require a $100 deductible for replacement. Conventional cell phones, or tier 1 phones, require a $50 deductible. A deductible can be added to the monthly bill or a customer can opt to pay it upfront. The replacement phone is refurbished or reconditioned.

File Police Report

Asurion, the company that administers the Equipment Replacement Program, requires customers to file a police report for a stolen phone. In some cases, Asurion may require that a police report case number be submitted to a representative within 60 days. The company may also require a copy of the report. Failure to produce the required documentation could result in a charge for the full value of the replacement phone to be charged to the Sprint account.

Discount Phones

If a customer's phone is not covered under the Equipment Replacement Program, the customer must purchase a new phone at the full price. Occasionally, discount prices are offered by customer service. The customer can opt to purchase any phone, but discounts are only available on select phones. Customers who are eligible for an upgrade can apply a discount of up to $150 to the purchase price of the phone. Customers who opt to purchase a phone with the upgrade must agree to a new one- or two-year contract.