How to Split a Phone Wire

by Louis Kroeck
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If you need an extra phone outlet in your home but do not want to go through the hassle and expense of running another phone line and mounting a wall outlet, you can split your phone line with almost no hassle by purchasing and installing a phone line splitter. Although this device will allow you to make use of an existing phone connection, you cannot overuse line splitters or the quality of the phone line connection will decrease drastically.

Step 1

Purchasing a phone line splitter at any major electronics store, hardware store or online retailer.

Step 2

Disconnect your phone line from your wall jack at home.

Step 3

Connect the phone line splitter into your home wall jack.

Step 4

You may now reconnect your old phone line to one of the available ports in the phone splitter.

The extra port in the phone line splitter can now be used for another phone or other device, use it just as you would your home phone wall jack.


  • When purchasing a phone line splitter make sure that it will physically connect to your existing wall jack. Certain line splitters are made for specific wall jacks and will not be compatible with other wall jacks.


  • If you are planning on using the splitter to add a phone line for a computer modem, you may degrade the quality of the line and reduce the quality of your data connection. Consider calling an electrician or information technology professional to come test the line noise in your home and determine the best way to add another line for your computer.

Items you will need

  • Phone line splitter
  • Phone line cable

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