How to Split HDTV Antenna Signals

By Jack Gorman

Split your coaxial cable connection to use one antenna for multiple HDTVs.
i coaxial cable connection image by Michael Shake from

So you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are planning to go off the cable/satellite television grid. Cable and satellite rates are expensive for those just looking to get a decent HDTV signal for a few channels. However since the digital transition, all television over-the-air broadcasts are now in digital and many of them HD. If you've gone as far as putting an antenna on the roof, you may want to split that signal to run to multiple rooms.

Connect the antenna coaxial cable to the coaxial input on the splitter; the port should be labeled. Insert the pin from the wire into the pin hole in the center of the port. Then twist the end to screw it in place.

Connect your coaxial cable to each of the output ports on the splitter. Again, these should be labeled.

Connect each of the wires to each of your televisions.