How to Split a Bootable ISO

By Katrina Matterhorn

The .ISO file extension is a disc image that contains the exact duplicate of the original disc including filesystem information, boot code, and directory structures. People commonly use it when copying CDs and DVDs, such as boot-disk start-up files. On occasion, a file may be too large to distribute or even move from one computer to another. If you want to move the file, you can split the bootable ISO into two files for easier distribution with the free WinRAR software application.

Launch your Web browser and navigate to Double-click the "WinRAR" download link for your corresponding operating system. Save the download to your desktop. Double-click the download to install it onto your desktop. Wait for the installation's completion message. Restart your computer.

Double-click the folder containing the bootable ISO you want to split. Right-click it and click "Add to Archive" from the WinRAR screen.

Choose between "CD700" to split your ISO into CDs or "DVD+R" to split your file into DVDs.

Set the compression to suit your requirements and keep the default setting to "RAR."

Click "OK" to split the bootable ISO. The file will remain stored in its original folder.