How to Splice a VGA Cable

By Greyson Ferguson

Convert your VGA cable connection into a component hookup.
i vga image by MATTHIEU FABISIAK from

VGA cable connections are typically only used by computer systems. However, the video signal the cable carries may be accepted by other video display devices, such as a television or projector. If the TV/projector does not have a VGA port, you are forced to splice the cable connection to a component video cable. This allows you to hook up your computer system or monitor to just about any video display hardware.

Connect the VGA end of the cable to the VGA port on the computer system. The VGA-to-component cable has a VGA cable connection on one end, and a component video connection at the other end. Component video ports are found on most new televisions and are made up of three connections: one green, one red and one blue.

Insert the component ends of the cable into the television or projector's "Component In" ports.

Power on the computer and the connected television or projector. Press the "Input" option on the TV, then choose "Component Video." The VGA signal from the computer is now spliced into the television, allowing the video signal to display on the TV screen.