How to Splice a Movie Together

By Stephanie Mitchell

Modern digital video technology makes it easy for even the least experienced video editor to splice together clips into a sophisticated-looking movie. Free movie editing software is available for both Macs and PCs. Using this software, editors can select sections from clips on their computers, arrange them in any order and save them as a completed movie file. Windows Live Movie Maker is free to download and works on PCs; iMovie is the Mac equivalent.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Step 1

Import the video clips you want to splice together. Click "Add Videos and Photos" in the "Home" tab. Your video library will open. Hold down "Control" and select all the clips you want to use, then click "Open."

Step 2

Use "Set Start Point" and "Set End Point" under the "Edit" tab to trim unwanted parts of your clips. Find the sliding bar at the far left of your video clip, slide it to where you want the clip to begin, then click "Set Start Point." Slide the bar to where you want the clip to end and click "Set End Point." Repeat this for each clip.

Step 3

Drag and drop the clips into the order you want.

Go to "Save Movie" on the right side of the "Home" tab and save your video in the most suitable format for your needs (for computer, email, high-definition display or to burn a DVD).


Step 1

Go to the "File" menu, select "New Project" and type a name for your video in the "Name" box. In the "Aspect Ratio" menu, choose widescreen or standard format. If you know the frame rate of your video clips, select the appropriate rate in the "Frame Rate" menu. Click "Create."

Step 2

Click the "Event Library" icon at the bottom left of the iMovie window. Select a video by clicking it once. It will open in the iMovie window. Select the portion of the clip you want to use by dragging the mouse across the desired frames.

Step 3

Drag the selected frames to the Project browser and drop them where you want them. Repeat the selecting and adding process for all the clips you want to use. Rearrange their order by dragging and dropping them in new locations.

Save your spliced movie when you are finished.