How do I Splice Cable TV Wire?

By John Smith

Remove old connectors and splice multiple cables together.
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Coaxial cable wire is used for cable TV connections in your home. Each end of the wire has a long needle in the center that fits into the input and output ports of your TV and cable source. If you have multiple coaxial wires that don't quite reach from the cable source in your home to your TV or receiver box, you can splice multiple wires together, connecting multiple wires to create a single wire. This requires some specialized equipment, but is often cheaper than purchasing an extended-length coaxial cable.

Step 1

Use a cable cutter to cut off one end of the first coaxial cable.

Step 2

Open the coaxial cable stripper jaws by squeezing down on the handles. Insert the cut end of your cable wire into the stripper's inner jacket slot. Close the jaws and rotate the stripper five times.

Step 3

Put the cable end into the outer stripper slot, close the jaws and rotate the stripper four times. Pull the cable to remove the stripped section.

Step 4

Attach a new male F connector to the freshly stripped cable end. For professional-quality connections, use a compression tool to crimp the connectors and provide a waterproof cable. Place the connector on the end of the cable and then insert it into the compression tool. Press down on the tool handle to secure the connector. If you don't have a compression tool, you can use a twist-on connector that requires no additional tools, but results in a lower quality connection.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 on the second cable. The modified ends of the cables should look identical.

Step 6

Screw a double female F coaxial coupler into one of the male F cable connector ends. Connect the second cable to the other side of the double female F coupler.