How to Speed Up Verizon Broadband

By Qyou Stoval

Verizon broadband Internet allows you to access the Internet at speeds significantly faster than dial-up. Unfortunately, you may experience a slower Internet connection than your initial setup or the speed has always been slower than usual. There are ways to optimize your Internet connection when using Verizon or any other provider. Some options require you to make investments in higher-quality equipment, while others just require the technical know-how to change settings within your computer.

Use the same manufacturers for your computer networking equipment. For example, if Verizon issued you a Netgear DSL modem and you have a wireless connection, purchase a Netgear wireless router.

Invest in a cat6E Ethernet cord (category 6). Cat6E cable is higher-quality and significantly faster than a cat5E Ethernet cable, which comes standard with your DSL modem and equipment. The data is transferred faster from the modem to the Internet, similar to using an HDMI cable to connect your DVR to your HD television.

Clear the history of the websites you visit frequently, as this can sometimes slow Verizon's connection. For example, within Internet Explorer, access "Tools" and "Internet options." Within Firefox, click "Tools" and "Clear browsing history."

Click "Start," "Run," and type "regedit" using Windows Vista or 7. Click "OK." Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," "SOFTWARE," "Policies," "Microsoft," "Windows," "Psched." Set "NonBestEffortLimit" to "0."

Click "Start," "Run," and type "gpedit.msc" using Windows XP. A box will open showing local computer policy. Click the plus button to expand the "Administrative templates branch." Then expand the "Network branch." Highlight the "QoS packet scheduler." Double-click on "Limit reasonable bandwidth." Make sure the "Vendor responsible bandwidth" is enabled. Verify the bandwidth limit is "0." Click "Apply," then "OK." Reboot your PC.