How to Speed Up a Logitech Webcam

by Alex Zang

You can use your Logitech webcam to record video or take pictures, as well as for video chatting with friends over the Internet. If you have an older computer, your Logitech webcam may not run smoothly. In order to fix this, you'll need to change some of your webcam's settings so that it works faster with slower computers.


Close any programs that you don't need. In particular, close programs that use a lot of memory, like video players or games. If you're going to chat over the Internet, close any peer-to-peer file-sharing programs and your Web browser as well.


Ensure that your webcam is connected to a high-speed USB 2.0 port for optimum performance, if such a port is available on your computer.


Click Start, "All Programs" and then "Logitech."


Click "Logitech Webcam Software."


Click the "Quick Capture" button.


Click the "Effects" button.


Click "Disable Effects." This will remove any special effects that might have been activated on your Logitech webcam that would cause it to slow down.

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