How to Speed Up My Internet Downloading Speed

by Gregory Hamel

Downloading occurs when your computer receives data from other computers on the Internet. Downloading is a fundamental part of using the Internet; every web page, photo and video that you view on a web browser must be downloaded. In addition to the content on web pages, you may wish to download files online and save them to your hard drive. The download time for large files such as movies and programs can vary by many hours depending on your connection speed. Taking steps to optimize your network performance can improve downloading speed.


Cancel unnecessary network traffic. If other computers on your network are using the Internet and downloading data, it can hamper your connection speed. Go to the other computers on your network and cancel any downloads or Internet activity to make sure your computer has access to as much bandwidth as possible.


Run one Internet task at a time. If you attempt to download several files and load many web pages at the same time, the speed of each individual process will be compromised. For the best possible speed, do only one activity at a time.


Try different web browsers. Some web browsers work faster for downloading certain websites than others. You can have several web browsers installed on your computer at once. Some popular browsers to consider include Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.


Update your network adapter's drivers. Better driver software can increase network utilization. Click "Start," right-click "Computer," select "Manage," "Device Manager," expand "Network adapters," right-click on your network adapter and select "Update Driver Software..." You can also search for driver updates to install from the website of the network card's manufacturer.


Increase your wireless signal strength. If you connect to the Internet with wireless, reposition your wireless router so that it is closer to your computer and remove physical obstructions between the router and the computer.


  • check Upgrading to a faster Internet service can be a quick way to gain a significant boost to download speed.

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