Specs for a PP29L Dell Laptop

By Solomon Poretsky

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Dell's Inspiron 1525 offers a broad range of configuration choices, including processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. Dell also offers several multimedia options befitting of a computer with a large screen and with an optional Blu-ray drive. PP29L is Dell's regulatory part number for the 2008-vintage budget oriented laptop.

Processor and Memory

Dell offers a number of different central processing unit options in the Inspiron 1525. AMD-equipped versions of the PP29L have budget-oriented Sempron processors or Turion or Athlon dual-core chips. Intel computers range from low-end devices with Celeron processors to computers with Core Duo or dual-core T5250 or T5450 Core 2 Duo chips. The computer also takes up to 4GB of 667-MHz notebook memory, based on two 2GB sticks.

Graphics and Display

Dell uses on-board graphics processors from ATI or Intel, depending on which type of CPU is installed, with both chips sharing the system's memory. They can be mated to one of four different 15.4-inch widescreen displays, all of which are capable of displaying over 262,000 different colors. The displays come in 1280-by-800, 1440-by-900 or 1680-by-1050 resolutions.


Dell typically ships the PP29L Inspiron 1525 with a 120GB hard drive using platters spinning at 5400 rpm. They also equip the computer with an optical drive, which can be a DVD/CD combo, DVD burner or even a Blu-ray drive, enabling the computer to read high-definition movie discs. Inspiron 1525 computers also come with a built-in media card reader that supports Memory Stick, Secure Digital and xD-Picture Card card formats.


In addition to the traditional ports, Dell offers a wide range of extras. Every Inspiron 1525 comes with an infrared emitter, monitor output, analog video output, High-Definition Multimedia Interface jack, MiniCard slots and four USB 2.0 ports in addition to its RJ-11 and RJ-45 jacks for modem and Ethernet connections. The computer can also be equipped with a four-wire Firewire port for connections to high-speed external drives and digital video camcorders.


With their expansive screens, Inspiron 1525 computers are large as laptops go. They measure 10.08 inches deep, 14.05 inches wide and from 0.90 to 1.47 inches thick. When equipped with the smallest four-cell lithium ion battery, they weigh 5.9 lbs. Dell also offers six- and nine-cell battery packs for longer life.