Specifications for VT 365 Engines

By TS Jordan

The International VT 365 Diesel engine is a mid-range diesel quite popular in the market from 2003 to 2007, installed in class 3 to 6 vehicles. The fuel economy of this engine is roughly 40 percent superior to a comparable gas-powered engine, making it a potentially attractive choice.


The VT 365 is warranted for five years or 150,000 miles. The engine is rated as a B50 life engine, with a life of 350,000 miles in medium-sized trucks.


The displacement of the VT 365 is six liters, with peak horsepower ranging from 175, 200, 215, or 230 depending upon the specific model and application. Peak torque ranges from 460, 520, 540, and 620 ft/lbs. Peak hp comes at just 2,600 rpm and peak torque arrives at 1,400 rpm.

Other Details

The compression ratio of the VT 365 is 18.0:1, the bore versus stroke is 3.74 x 4.134, the engine is turbocharged, and its weight is 1,062 pounds.