Specifications for a Pioneer PDP-5071PU Plasma

By Orlando Bogue

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i Plasma panel image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.com

Plasma televisions are flat panel displays that provide a smooth liquid picture with high quality resolution and contrast ratios, as well as flexibility of placement, as they can be set on a table top or wall mounted. Plasma units offer exceptional value in large screens, because they are cheaper to produce than LCDs. Pioneer plasmas are some of the best built TVs available due to the high quality components and technical specifications of each unit. The PDP-5071PU is a 50-inch Pioneer plasma television with detachable speakers and multiple inputs to provide a great viewing experience.

Video Quality

The Pioneer PDP-5071PU features 720p HD resolution that can replicate up to 1080p video resolution. The contrast is controlled by a Crystal Emissive Layer for deeper black and bright images. The wide viewing angle is rated at 160 degrees horizontally and vertically, with no loss of picture quality.

Device Connections

There are 10 video inputs, including 4 high definition inputs. The 2 HDMI inputs can accept 1080p video and the 2 component video inputs can accept up to 1080i video resolution. There are 2 antenna inputs, 2 S-Video inputs and 3 component video inputs. There is also a PC input and a CableCARD input that can accept HD quality video input. There are 4 audio inputs available and 1 digital audio output using an optical outlet. In the rear of the unit there are also monitor and subwoofer outlets. There is a USB connection that allows photo slide shows on the screen.

Video Processing

The PDP-5071PU uses a 10-bit video processor that can process 1080p and 24Hz video signals to simulate bright, natural color displays. There is a dual NTSC tuner and an ATSC tuner to smoothly integrate video signals. Advanced Continuous Emission maintains the contrast and gray scale quality with over a billion colors.


The PDP-5071PU has a width of 48 3/16 inches and a height of 31 1/10 inches, including the speakers. With the stand it is 33 1/8 inches high. The depth of the TV without the stand is 4 ½ inches and with the stand it is 13 inches. The weight of the TV is 75 pounds alone, and 92 pounds with the speakers and stand attached.