Specifications of a Gateway 2000 Computer

By Dennis Lee Chapman

The specs of a Gateway 2000 computer are appropriate for running Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME. By today's standards, the Gateway 2000 specs are obsolete, but it will still run early Windows OSs.


266MHZ was a fast speed in the years 1997 through 2000.

The processor of a Gateway 2000 computer is an Intel 266MHz Pentium II Processor with 512k cache. This is a tenth the power of the laptops of 2010 and about the same processor speed as your typical cell phone in 2010.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM can be added to a Gateway 2000 to improve its performance.

The RAM of a Gateway 2000 is 128MB SDRAM. SDRAM is not to be confused with DIMMS memory, which is faster and more reliable than its predecessor.

Graphics Card

An 8MB video card was the industry standard for many years.

The graphics card of a Gateway 2000 computer is an AccelGraphics Permedia 2 AGP 8MB Video Card. 8MB is a powerful graphics card and means this machine was very good with PC games of its time, such as Myst.

Hard Drive

HHD drives contain your OS and all of your saved data.

The hard drive of a Gateway 2000 computer is a 6.4GB Ultra ATA hard drive. One full HD DVD consists of about 6.4 GB.