Where Are the Speakers on a Computer?

By Contributing Writer

Updated July 21, 2017

Where Are the Speakers on a Computer?
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Different computers have different audio options. Most of the time, the speaker location is very apparent. However, if you are looking for exact speaker locations, follow a standard set of pointers that will lead you to some common places to check, when trying to figure out where the speakers are.

Speakers on Standard Desktop Computers

Basic Desktop Speakers

If you are using a computer that includes a tower that sits on the floor, or a mini tower that sits on your desk, then your speaker connections are simple. Standard desktop computers do not have built-in speakers, but rather, an audio output port. If you take a look at the rear panel of your tower you will see an audio port. It will look much like the jack you would plug a pair of headphones into. This is your audio card that has a speaker out.

On computers like this, your speakers are external. Normally, you will have purchased a separate speaker set to use with your computer. If you do not have speakers, any that feature a 3.5mm plug will work.

Speakers on All-In-One-Desktops

HP Touchsmart Built In Speakers

Examples of all-in-one desktops are the Apple iMac and the HP Touchsmart PC. These types of computers have everything built into the monitor, including the speakers. Most times, all-in-one desktops will have the speakers located toward the bottom of the unit, behind the screen. The speakers will not be visible. However, if you look around, you should see some small grille-like indentations somewhere on the all-in-one; which will tell you where the speakers are located. Many all-in-one computers also offer an audio-out port, which will allow you to connect external speakers as well.

Speakers on Laptop Computers

All laptop computers feature fully integrated built-in speakers. Many times, the speakers are located within the casing either above the keyboard or below the keyboard; near the corners. The speakers will rarely be located on the screen portion of the laptop.

Laptop speakers tend to be weak as far as volume and overall output. However, laptops also feature an audio-out port to allow you to connect external speakers.

Speakers in Monitors

Dell Monitor Build In Speakers

Lately, more and more companies have been including built-in speakers with their monitors. An example of this would be the new Apple Cinema Display. The location of speakers that are built into monitors are typically near the bottom of the screen. Typically, if you were to look directly under the screen (not the base of the monitor) you would find some holes cut out for sound. This is where your speakers are located.

Many monitors also have speakers that hang from the bottom of them. Don't mistake these speakers for the built-in ones. These are placed externally to the monitor itself.

Remote and Wireless Speakers

A newer option for computers is remote speakers. Remote speakers work by plugging into your router. Your computer then streams its sound wirelessly to the set of speakers. On setups like this, your speakers will be located wherever your wireless router is set up.

Another type of remote speakers are wireless speakers. Wireless speakers connect to your computer via a wireless receiver. The receiver often plugs into the USB port or the audio out.