My Sound Is Out of Sync When Burning a DVD

By Greyson Ferguson

Occasionally, your DVD may not be created correctly.
i a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

Nothing is more distracting while watching a DVD movie than when the audio becomes out of sync. This occurs when the audio is running just before or after the video, causing the dialog and other sound to not match up with the movie. If this is occurring on your own created DVDs, it is often due to a rendering issue or how you burned the DVD. However, by re-rendering the file or slowing down the burn process you can correct the out-of-sync DVD.

Watch the video before placing it onto the DVD. If the video falls out-of-sync (it usually takes a few minutes before this is noticeable), re-export the video from your video editor, as the problem is with the video itself, not the DVD.

Insert a new DVD into your DVD burner and load the DVD burning software you want to use. Once you add the video to the DVD click "Options."

Select the burn speed and turn it all the way down to "1." This reduces the overall speed in which the burner creates the disc, but it improves the quality of the DVD and corrects burn problems such as the audio falling out-of-sync.

Click "Burn," and the video is placed back onto the DVD. Once the disc has finished (it is going to take several minutes for this to complete) the video playback is now correct.