How to Get the Sound Back on My TV

By Robert Schrader

You can get the sound back on your TV to resume enjoying the audio portion of programming after an unexpected loss of sound. Take troubleshooting measures to address several possible causes for the loss of audio before seeking the services or advice of a professional, but don't attempt to open or physical manipulate the TV in any way if you haven't been trained to do so.

Step 1

Point your remote control at the TV and press the "Mute" button. Even if you don't remember having muted the TV, you or someone else may have inadvertently done so.

Step 2

Press the remote's "Increase Volume" button and see where along the volume meter the TV's current volume is set. If you begin to hear more sound each time you hit the button, you had the volume turned down too low.

Step 3

Unplug any speakers hooked up to the TV if you don't listen to audio through the television's built-in speakers. If sound plays through the TV itself but not through an auxiliary output device such as speakers, the output device and not the TV is defective.

Step 4

Change to another channel to see if the audio loss occurs on every channel, or just one. If CNN has sound but the Weather Channel doesn't, the Weather Channel is experiencing a programming error that has nothing to do with your TV set.

Step 5

Contact a TV repair specialist if troubleshooting methods don't get your sound back. If something is wrong with the internal workings of the TV, a specialist's skills are required to fix it.