How to Sort a Field in Acrobat

by Stephen Lilley

If you're browsing a document or a collection of information in Adobe's Acrobat utility, you can use the "Sort" option to change the way your data are displayed on screen. You can sort by a variety of aspects, similar to the way you can sort the order of files in a folder in Windows Explorer. Sorting documents simply involves choosing exactly which way you want your information to appear.

Click on the "File Details" button in the Adobe Acrobat PDF toolbar. This will open the File Details window for the file or information that you're browsing.

Look at the names of all the columns in the Details window and pick one to sort from. This depends entirely on personal preference.

Click the name of the column one time to sort your information by this field in ascending order. Click on the name of the column again to sort your information by this field in descending order.

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