How to Sort by Column in Open Office

by C. Taylor Calc offers you powerful spreadsheet capabilities at zero cost to you. This open-source project releases its project under the lessor general public license (LGPL), which means you can use it for any purpose. Along with numerous functions, Calc gives you the ability to sort your data by a single or multiple columns, so you can work with your data however best suits your needs.

Open Calc, and enter your data as you normally would.

Right-click any column, row or cell, and select "Format cells" to select the appropriate formatting, such as "Number" or "Text," before you sort. This allows you to sort the data appropriately, since sorting differs between formats. As an example, the number "200" comes before "1000," but when formatted as text, "1000" comes first.

Drag your mouse across the data to highlight all the data you wish to sort.

Click "Data" in the top menu bar, and select "Sort" from the drop-down list.

Click the "Options" tab in the "Sort" window, and uncheck "Range contains column labels" if your selection does not include column labels. If your selection does contain labels, you do not need to perform this step.

Click the "Sort Criteria" tab.

Click the drop-down menu under "Sort by," and select the column by which you wish to sort. If you have column labels, select the column by the listed label. If you unchecked "Range contains column labels," then choose the column by the column letter.

Click "Ascending" or "Descending," depending on if you want to sort low-to-high or high-to-low.

Repeat column selection in the two sections labeled "Then by," if you wish to add more sort criteria. If entered, sorting is performed on the first column, but if duplicates are found, data is secondarily sorted by the next selected column. You can choose up to three sort columns.

Click "OK" to sort your data.