My Sony Trinitron TV Won't Turn On

By Greyson Ferguson

There are a few methods available to troubleshoot the power on your TV.
i power image by HiDee Fuchs from

The Sony series of Trinitron televisions (now discontinued) are tube-based television sets used to display programming on its flat panel screen. When using the TV, if the power does not turn on or no audio/video signal is displayed, there are only a handful of options available to correct the issue. If none of the available correction methods works, there is an internal issue with the TV that is only corrected by an experienced television repair technician.

Push the "Power" button on the TV, instead of the remote control. The batteries on the remote may just be dead.

Check the power cable running from the Sony Trinitron to the local electrical outlet. Make sure the cable is inserted into both the TV and the outlet completely, otherwise the electrical current is not going to reach the TV.

Disconnect the power cable running from the TV to the electrical outlet. The power outlet may be dead. Plug the cable into a different outlet then turn the TV back on. If the outlet is dead, the new connection will correct the problem.

Look over the audio/video cables running from the external equipment to the TV. If the A/V cables are not hooked up completely, the audio/video signal is not going to reach your TV, giving the impression the TV is not turning on.