Sony Rear Projection Screen TV Troubleshooting

By William Pullman

Sony rear projection televisions occasionally experience problems that prevent the television from optimal operation. The most common problems are no picture or a distorted picture, no sound or distorted sound or problems with the remote control unit. Most of these problems are not serious; many users can troubleshoot the problem and find a solution to return the television to normal operating condition.

Picture Problems

Step 1

Check that the power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet and that the "Power" button on the television or remote control was pressed. You may want to plug a second device into the same plug to ensure that it has power. If the second device does not work, check your fuse box and change the fuse or reset the circuit breaker as needed.

Step 2

Change the channel by pressing the "Channel +" or "Channel -" buttons. Some picture problems are due to a problem with the station itself.

Step 3

Press the "TV/Video" button several times to scroll through the video source options. Sony rear projection televisions are designed with several inputs for component devices. If you are not on the correct video input, the picture will not appear.

Step 4

Check that the coaxial cable connecting the television to your television source, such as a cable or satellite feed, is securely plugged into both connection jacks. You should also check for any breaks in the coaxial cable and replace it as needed.

Adjust the picture settings on the television to reduce distortion, fix the color or increase the brightness, among other options. To access the picture settings, press the "Menu" button and choose the "Settings" icon and then the "Picture" icon. The "Settings" icon is a toolbox and the "Picture" icon is a square with the symbol of a person in the middle. Use the up and down arrow buttons to highlight one of the settings and press the left of right arrow buttons to change the setting. Press the "+" button to confirm the change and then press "Menu" to exit the menu.

Sound Problems

Step 1

Press the "Muting" button on the remote control to turn off the "Muting" function, or press the "Volume +" button to set the volume at a comfortable level. Many sound problems are the result of the user not recognizing that the volume was turned down or muted.

Step 2

Check that the coaxial cable is securely connected to the television. The coaxial cable carries both the video and the audio signals. The audio signal may not come through if it is not properly connected.

Step 3

Turn on the television speakers through the "Sound" settings menu. To turn on the speakers, press the "Menu" button and choose the "Settings" and "Sound" icons. The "Sound" icon is a music note. Highlight "Speaker" using the up or down arrow buttons and press the right or left arrow button to change the setting to "On." Press the "+" button to save the setting and then "Menu" to exit the menu.

Change the sound settings to eliminate sound distortion. Open the "Sound" settings menu, highlight the setting you want to change, such as "Treble" or "Bass," and adjust the setting with the right or left arrow buttons. Save the setting by pressing the "+" button and exit the "Sound" settings menu by pressing "Menu."

Remote Control

Step 1

Replace the batteries in the remote control and ensure they are positioned correctly. The batteries are stored in the back of the remote control. Slide the battery cover off of the remote and pull out the old batteries. Insert two new AA batteries into the compartment. The negative end of each battery rests against a spring in the compartment. Replace the battery cover and try using the remote again.

Step 2

Press the "TV" button on the top of the remote control to ensure you are using the television functions of the remote. The remote will not work with the television if you mistakenly pressed any of the other function buttons.

Step 3

Turn off any fluorescent lights in the room as they may interfere with the remote control.

Move any objects away from the television as they may block the remote control signal.