How to Take Songs Off of a Sandisk Sansa

By Elvis Michael

Sansa players are a series of portable multimedia devices manufactured by SanDisk. The Sansa series are known for supporting a variety of formats, including music, picture and video playback. When playing songs, users can create a custom playlist or randomize their music library. Moreover, users may remove each song directly from the portable device. Alternatively, the MP3 player can be connected to the computer to delete multiple songs at once.

Via Player

Step 1

Turn on your Sandisk Sansa MP3 player and browse for the song you wish to remove.

Step 2

Play the song, then press the "Down" arrow on the device to enter the general music options screen.

Scroll down using the same "Down" arrow or scrolling wheel (depending on your MP3 player model). Select "Delete Song," proceeded by "Yes" at the subsequent confirmation dialog.

Via Computer

Step 1

Connect the Sandisk Sansa device to your computer using the player's proprietary connection plug.

Step 2

Go to "Start" and open the "Computer" tool. Click the entry pertaining to your Sandisk Sansa, listed by model name to the left of the screen.

Right-click the song you wish to take off of your Sansa player and select "Delete." Press "Yes" to finalize the song removal procedure. To select multiple tracks, click each one while holding the "Ctrl" key.