How to Get All of Your Songs on the iPod to Your iTunes Library

by Michelle Carvo

Even with careful iPod use, issues can arise that may cause your iPod to stop working or to simply lose its songs. Having a backup of the songs on your iPod in your iTunes library can prove to be invaluable in such cases. If you're looking to get all of your songs on the iPod to your iTunes library, you'll find that you can accomplish this by transferring your iPod-purchased songs to iTunes.

Plug your iPod into the computer.

Click "Start," then "All Programs," and then "iTunes" to launch the iTunes application.

Click "Store," and then select "Authorize Computer." Type in your Apple ID and password. Click "Authorize" to allow your iPod songs to be transferred to this particular iTunes library.

Right click your iPod's logo listed under "Devices."

Select "Transfer Purchases from iPod" to begin getting all of your songs on the iPod to your iTunes library.

Wait for the transfer process to complete. The progress bar at the top of the screen disappears when all purchased songs have been transferred.

Click "Library" to view and play the transferred iPod songs.

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