How to Find Someone's Verizon's Email

By LissaJ

Verizon also has internet service.
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If you know that someone has a Verizon email, you only know the last part of their email address, which is In order to find out what their entire email address is, you have to do some searching, as there are many formats to a verizon email account, and accounts can be under one of several different names. Sometimes, people can choose their own Verizon email address, so it is always best to ask them first.

Ask them what their Verizon email address is, through a text message, a phone call, or an email.

Check their online profiles, like Facebook or Twitter, to see if their Verizon email address is listed.

Do a search for their name on the Verizon cell phone site, which might yield results.

Try their first name, then a period, and then their last name. This is often the format chosen for Verizon emails. Keep in mind that they could have chosen another format, like lastname.firstname, or they could have gone with something entirely different, if their local Verizon store allowed it.