How to Find Someone's MySpace Friend ID With Their URL

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

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The MySpace friend ID is often confused with the vanity URL. The vanity URL is the name or number following "" used to access the person's profile page. The friend ID is not as clearly labeled as the vanity URL, but it is still simple to find. It is not necessary to be friends with the person to find the friend ID. You can also find the friend ID if the person's profile is private.

Step 1

Visit the person's MySpace profile page. If you have the vanity URL, you can enter it into your browser's address bar. You can also perform a search by clicking "Find Friends" on the navigation bar. It's not necessary to have an account to use this tool. Click on the person's profile name to visit her profile page.

Step 2

Wait for the profile page to load. Scroll your mouse over a link in their profile (for example, "Pics," "Playlists" or "Videos"). Right-click your mouse and select "Copy Link Location."

Step 3

Open your word processing program. Right-click and choose "Paste" to paste the address. Look closely for the term "friendid=" in the address.

Step 4

Write down the digits that follow. The digits that follow "friendid=" represent the person's MySpace friend ID.