How to Find Someone's Email Address on MSN

By Stephen Lilley

If someone you know has an email address but you're not sure exactly what that address is, you can find this information using the MSN Member Directory. This directory will allow you to search for MSN members by either user name, real name, their gender, marital status or the location of the country that they live in. The only stipulation is that you must be a Windows Live member in order to use this comprehensive directory.

Open your Web browser.

Point your browser to the MSN Member Directory website (see "References" section for link).

Type your Windows Live user name and password into the appropriately marked boxes on screen and click "Sign In."

Click "Search." Type the information you know about the person whose email address you're searching for into the boxes on screen.

Click "Search" again. This will create a list of the best matches for that person based on the information you provided. The more specific you are, the better chance you have at finding a person's email address. You will then be able to find a person's member profile in the "Search" results, which will contain their MSN email address.