How Do I Find Someone's Blog? (3 Steps)

By Dan Ketchum

Tracking down a blog isn't always as easy as pecking a few words into a search engine.
i Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even in a high-tech world, the old-fashioned way sometimes serves best. People you know are usually glad to share their public blogs. Without the benefit of one-on-one contact, you must turn to targeted Web searches and a little bit of harmless social media snooping to find a particular blog. Start with the simplest solution and get a little more intensive until you hit blogging gold.

Step 1

Visit the person's social media profiles if you're seeking the blog of an acquaintance or public figure. Profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all allow the profile creators to list their official websites. If the person you seek has a social media presence and a blog she wants reads, chances are it'll be listed here.

Step 2

Visit the blog host, if you have that information. For example, if you know that the blog is hosted by WordPress, Tumblr or LiveJournal, visit the host in question and search for the name. If you know the type of content on the blog, search for keywords -- such as “fantasy baseball draft,” “tech stocks” or “horror movie reviews” -- or tags that define the subject matter.

Step 3

Enter the person's name into a search engine or directory that caters specifically to blogs. Free services such as IceRocket limit their searches to user-generated content, and you can use Google News for this purpose by entering your search terms, clicking “All News” and selecting “Blogs.” Blog directories such as Best of the Web Blogs, Bloggeries and Globe of Blogs allow you to search vast catalogs of blogs by subject or enter specific search terms.