How to Find Someone in Prison in the State of Missouri

By Carolyn Barton

Find a Prisoner
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There are many reasons to want to find someone in prison, or to find if someone has been in prison in the past. Perhaps you are looking for a relative, or you or someone you know was a victim of a crime committed by that person. Or you may just want to check out the weird guy who just moved in across the street. Whatever your reasons are, finding a person in prison in the state of Missouri is not at all difficult.

Go to the Missouri Department of Corrections website (see Resources). Click on "MO DOC Offender Search."

Read the information on the next page that tells you what the site does and click on "Proceed to Offender Web Search."

Type in the person's first and last name and click on "Search."

The list that appears will show you each person with that name as well as their date of birth, race, height, weight and sex. To view more information about a person, click on the DOC ID number. It is the number that comes before the name on the list. This number is a prisoner's identity in the state of Missouri.